Friday, March 26, 2010

Proud Moment

So, you know those moments as a mother when you realize all of your hard work has paid off--those moments when you look at your child and you are just so proud and delighted at what they have become?  I had one of those moments two weeks ago standing in the hallway of Madison High School.  Jasmine turned around beaming at me . . . holding her volleyball uniform . . . #9 !!!  She didn't even get to choose her number and there she was holding up the best number ever . . . and I had one of the proudest moments ever.  My beautiful daughter in a VOLLEYBALL UNIFORM.  Jasmine was kind of excited about it.  I was a bit more than "kind of excited."  I made her try on the full uniform--spandex, kneepads, socks, shoes and all-- on the way home in our mini-van.  And boy did she look good.  Just wanted to share . . .

. . . Doesn't that just about bring you  to tears???


  1. Sounds like fate to me. I truly can't believe how grown up your kids are. They seem to have just blossomed overnight. Jasmine is a beauty and Braxton is so handsome. Jazzy sure looks cute in that uniform, I wish I had that body! Let us know when she plays and we will try to come up for a game or two. Congrats on the great number Jazz, the only way it would be better is if it were 6!!! By the way, Kamille won't have any birthday presents left for her actual birthday so the party will be pretty lame. (JK she has 3 left) LOL

  2. That is so crazy that she got number 9. What are the odds?! She looks like the real deal now!:)

  3. She looks FAAAAABULOUS! Can't wait to see all these Nate grandkids tearing up the athletic departments of the next generation!