Thursday, January 14, 2010

Create a blog in just minutes? ! ? ! I don't think so . . .

A couple of months ago Braxton was looking at my sisters' blogs and he told me he thought it would be cool if I would do one too.  I was very pregnant with Paisley at the time and opted to do so after the baby was here safe and sound.  Paisley is now 3 months old and I decided this week was the week.  I got online and got to work.  Surely I could accomplish this task in no time, cross it off my list and move on to bigger and better things by the time nap-time was over for Paisley.  After all, this was supposed to be quick and easy. 

After two days of spending WAY too much time on the computer I had accomplished absolutely nothing in posting a blog-- unless you count having overlapping backgrounds and a mysteriously missing "Layout" button accomplishments, that is.  I had reached maximum frustration but also maximum determination.  I phoned Katie and she assured me she would help me when I came home to do hair in a couple of weeks.  I explained to her that I knew it made no sense at all, but I could not put it off for two weeks--it was a matter of pride now and I was determined to post some sort of a blog, dagnabit!  I could not accept defeat. 

So, you are now all viewing the product of many phone calls; lots of blood, sweat and tears; being completely frustrated; and feeling like the most computer illiterate person now living--but, I did it!  Thanks Katie for your patience--good thing we have free mobile to mobile minutes, right?  And the next time I read the words "In just minutes"  I will think twice!