Monday, May 10, 2010

The Center Of Our World

I picked up my camera the other day and noticed there were 321 pictures stored.  I would bet over half of them are of Paisley.  She is the first thing the kids look for when they hit the door from school; she is the main attraction during Sacrament Meeting; she is the activity every week for family home evening (and even stopped scripture study last night because she rolled over from her back to her front while we were reading in Alma!); she is the center of our dinner conversations . . . well, you get the idea.  She truly is the center of our world.  Here's a glimpse.
Braxton and Riley teaching her how to play the drums.
Jasmine holding her on her blessing day.  Our two beautiful girls.

David went to a 3D movie and came home with glasses.  The kids took the lenses out of them and they are one of Paisley's favorite toys.
Paisley being Paisley--always happy!

Mother's Day 2010.  She gave me the perfect gift--a Hershey Almond Bar!

Yes, we were trying to weigh her.  Unfortunately she doesn't meet the minimum weight requirement for our scale, but look how big she is!