Monday, May 10, 2010

The Center Of Our World

I picked up my camera the other day and noticed there were 321 pictures stored.  I would bet over half of them are of Paisley.  She is the first thing the kids look for when they hit the door from school; she is the main attraction during Sacrament Meeting; she is the activity every week for family home evening (and even stopped scripture study last night because she rolled over from her back to her front while we were reading in Alma!); she is the center of our dinner conversations . . . well, you get the idea.  She truly is the center of our world.  Here's a glimpse.
Braxton and Riley teaching her how to play the drums.
Jasmine holding her on her blessing day.  Our two beautiful girls.

David went to a 3D movie and came home with glasses.  The kids took the lenses out of them and they are one of Paisley's favorite toys.
Paisley being Paisley--always happy!

Mother's Day 2010.  She gave me the perfect gift--a Hershey Almond Bar!

Yes, we were trying to weigh her.  Unfortunately she doesn't meet the minimum weight requirement for our scale, but look how big she is!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Motherhood--ain't it great?

I know that every mother feels this way, but today as I looked into the eyes of my 6-month old baby, I just saw the miracle of who she is and how blessed I am to be her mother.  I have never had a bigger privilege than that of motherhood.  As I spend all day each and every day with her I recognize how much trust she has in me and how much trust my Father in Heaven has in me.  It is humbling and exhilerating all at once as I contemplate the role of motherhood.  I listen to my older children repeat things I do and believe things I believe and it causes me to take a minute and think about the importance of the way I live my life and raise and teach my children.  I love motherhood!  I love the sweet, tender spirit of a new born all the way up to the confident, sure-they-know-everything teenager.  It is a remarkable journey and I am so grateful today that I have been blessed enough in this life to have the opportunity of being a mother.  I would just like to say to all of those mothers out there--I know our Father in Heaven is proud of us and all of the hard work we do.  He knows we make mistakes, but He also knows we are the perfect ones for the job!  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Proud Moment

So, you know those moments as a mother when you realize all of your hard work has paid off--those moments when you look at your child and you are just so proud and delighted at what they have become?  I had one of those moments two weeks ago standing in the hallway of Madison High School.  Jasmine turned around beaming at me . . . holding her volleyball uniform . . . #9 !!!  She didn't even get to choose her number and there she was holding up the best number ever . . . and I had one of the proudest moments ever.  My beautiful daughter in a VOLLEYBALL UNIFORM.  Jasmine was kind of excited about it.  I was a bit more than "kind of excited."  I made her try on the full uniform--spandex, kneepads, socks, shoes and all-- on the way home in our mini-van.  And boy did she look good.  Just wanted to share . . .

. . . Doesn't that just about bring you  to tears???

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ear Piercing

Paisley turned 4 months old on Sunday, the 24th of January.  I took her in for her 4-month shots the following day on Monday, then I knew that there was only one other item of business left--to pierce her ears!  So, on Wednesday January 26th I recruited my sister-in-law Heidi Parker and her daughter Morgan Mae and we went to Idaho Falls to pierce the girls ears together.  It was their first adventure together as cousins and it was so cute!  The babies did really well and they now have adorable matching earrings.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Create a blog in just minutes? ! ? ! I don't think so . . .

A couple of months ago Braxton was looking at my sisters' blogs and he told me he thought it would be cool if I would do one too.  I was very pregnant with Paisley at the time and opted to do so after the baby was here safe and sound.  Paisley is now 3 months old and I decided this week was the week.  I got online and got to work.  Surely I could accomplish this task in no time, cross it off my list and move on to bigger and better things by the time nap-time was over for Paisley.  After all, this was supposed to be quick and easy. 

After two days of spending WAY too much time on the computer I had accomplished absolutely nothing in posting a blog-- unless you count having overlapping backgrounds and a mysteriously missing "Layout" button accomplishments, that is.  I had reached maximum frustration but also maximum determination.  I phoned Katie and she assured me she would help me when I came home to do hair in a couple of weeks.  I explained to her that I knew it made no sense at all, but I could not put it off for two weeks--it was a matter of pride now and I was determined to post some sort of a blog, dagnabit!  I could not accept defeat. 

So, you are now all viewing the product of many phone calls; lots of blood, sweat and tears; being completely frustrated; and feeling like the most computer illiterate person now living--but, I did it!  Thanks Katie for your patience--good thing we have free mobile to mobile minutes, right?  And the next time I read the words "In just minutes"  I will think twice!